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We are happy to provide all the steps and regulations in obtaining a City of Thomaston alcohol license.

All businesses within the City of Thomaston with the intent to serve, pour, or sell beer / malt beverages, wine and/or distilled spirits are required to obtain a Local and State alcohol license and to adhere to all City of Thomaston regulations set forth in Chapter 6 of the City of Thomaston Code of Ordinances (see link below).  

New and Renewal Application Submittal Process: 

O.C.G.A § 3-2-7.1 requires the Department of Revenue to develop and implement a state-wide centralized application process for initial applications and renewals of retail licenses. The centralized licensing process provides a way for retail licensees to simultaneously apply for such licenses and renewals online.  The license types included in the centralized licensing process are retail (beer/wine), retail package, consumption on premises (includes distilled spirits), and special events.   

What does this mean?  Using The City of Thomaston Alcohol Application (below), your local license application will be submitted through the Department of Revenue's centralized alcohol licensing portal.  

No worries! We are here to help you through the process.  

The City of Thomaston alcohol application, checklist, important information and links can be found here on this page.   

Important information about the application process: 

  • Prior to submitting your 2024 renewal application, Building Code, Safety, and Camera inspections are REQUIRED.  
  • The City of Thomaston will not accept hand submitted applications.  It is the responsibility of the applicant to upload the City of Thomaston Alcohol (new or renewal) application and ALL supporting documents to the Georgia Department of Revenue Centralized Alcohol Portal. 
  • To schedule inspections, please complete the above inspection request form.
  • Your annual alcohol license expires December 31st at midnight. 
  • Begin your renewal process early to avoid disruption of sales and service.  Renewal period for the City of Thomaston runs September 1st – December 10th. If December 10th falls on a Saturday or Sunday the time to submit required documents will be extended to 3:00 p.m. the following Monday
  • Read through the application checklist carefully.  Ensure you have completed all the steps and have all the required documentation. 
  • Ensure the applicants email is accurate and clear on the application. 
  • Notarize the required pages of the alcohol application. 
  • If you are in need of a notary, no worries, just call the City of Thomaston.  We are happy to help.  
  • After signing and notarizing your application, scan and save as a pdf.
  • Review the checklist again to ensure all steps are complete prior to submitting to the Department of Revenue's portal. 
  • After your application has been reviewed on the portal, the applicant will receive an email with attached invoice for local fees.
  • The Department of Revenue / GA Tax Center will deliver the local and state alcohol license to the applicant via the e-mail on the applicant's account.  

Where to Apply

Access the Centralized Alcohol Application Portal HERE. 

Request Inspections


Need Help?

For assistance, you have several options: 

Local Contact:                Email the City of Thomaston at: 

State Contact:                Email: / Call:  (877)-423-6711 (select option 1, option 3, and option 1) / Visit their website HERE 

                                         Access more information on the Department of Revenue's State Alcohol Licensing HERE.   

FAQ:                                View the frequently asked questions from the State HERE.  

How To:                          How to use the Centralized Alcohol Licensing Portal,  more detailed instructions HERE. 

Alcohol License Applications