Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Thomaston Police Department to serve and protect its citizens and visitors with professionalism and respect while providing outstanding police services in accordance with the law in a fair and impartial manner.  

On behalf of the City of Thomaston and the Thomaston Police Department, welcome to our website.  The site is designed to inform citizens and visitors alike about the services the police department provides to our community.  We encourage you to use the site as an additional contact source of information and contact with the department. 

The Thomaston Police Department is a full-service agency serving the residents and visitors of Thomaston, Georgia.  The department has an authorized strength of 30 sworn police officers and 5 civilian employees.  The police department is organized into three divisions; the Office of Professional Standards (OPS), Uniform Patrol Division (UPD), and the Criminal Investigations Division (CID).  The police department also operates a K-9 Unit, provides Animal Control services, and participates in a Multi-jurisdictional Drug Task Force. 

Online Payments

To pay fines please go to the Thomaston Payments website.

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  1. UPD
  2. CID
  3. OPS
  5. Office of the Chief


The most visible division of the department is the Uniform Patrol Division (UPD). The division consists of four shifts, and each shift is supervised by a Sergeant. UPD provides 24 hour law enforcement services to the citizens and visitors of Thomaston.  Patrol officers are the initial responders to a wide range of calls for services. They conduct preliminary criminal and traffic accident investigations; enforce criminal and traffic laws as well as ordinances enacted by the City of Thomaston. UPD officers also assist citizens with medical and social problems through crisis intervention and or referrals to other state or county agencies.

Additional responsibilities may include holiday enforcement details, community event security and traffic control, funeral escorts, attendance at job fairs and related community events, and managing school crossing assignments.