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City of Thomaston, GA

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Emergencies (911)

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City Departments


Building Inspections and Permits
Building Official - Robert L. Ellington, Jr.

The Building Department is in charge of all building permits in the City.  The department uses the latest edition of the International Codes.  The department handles all building inspections for new construction and renovation on existing structures.  The department will conduct inspections on existing buildings for safety that lasts for two years.

Phone: 706-647-6633 office / 706-741-1910 cell
Fax: 706-647-6583
Email: bellington@cityofthomaston.com 


Code Enforcement
Office Bobby L. Ellington, Jr.

The Code Enforcement Officer is responsible for code enforcement for the City. Officer Ellington enforces city codes in regards to existing or demolition structures.

Phone: 706-647-6633 office / 706-741-1910 cell
706-647-6583 fax
Email: bellington@cityofthomaston.com


Electric Department
Electric Supt. - Cornelious Ivey

The Electrical Department is responsible for the installation and maintenance of the entire electrical system.  They test residential and commercial meters and offer security lighting.  Regular scheduled hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m, but personnel are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Phone: (706) 647-3145
Fax: (706) 646-4198
Email: neali@cityofthomaston.com


Finance Department
Finance Director - Lonnie Joyce

The City of Thomaston Finance Department is located in the Thomaston-Upson County Government Complex.  Personnel are responsible for maintaining utility accounts for approximately 4,500 electric customers and 5,000 water customers.  They perform a wide range of important duties in the areas of customer service, accounts payable, payroll, utility billing and financial reporting.  Other duties include issuing business licenses and various permits and selling cemetery lots in Southview Cemetery. The diversity of services provided by the Finance Department gives its personnel the opportunity to serve residents in a knowledgeable and timely manner.


To pay fines and utility bill online, please go to thomastonpayments.com


Utility Bill Payment Online Flyer


Budget Billing Agreement


Bank Draft Enrollment Form-Utility Bill 

Bank Draft Flyer


           Utility Billing Helpful Information, Flyer


City Clerk/Finance Director: Lonnie Joyce

Phone: (706) 647-6633
Fax: (706) 647-6583
Emil: ljoyce@cityofthomaston.com


Fire Department
Chief - Renee Harris

The Thomaston Fire Department is made up of 19 employees making up three 24 hour shifts. They have two fire engines, one multi purpose ladder truck, one rescue squad, and one pickup truck. The department takes about 300 calls per year and also responds to selective EMS calls, those involving cardiac problems or auto accidents. The department has a mutual aid agreement with the county volunteer departments. If either needs help and the other has the resources free, they will assist each other as needed.

Fire Chief: Renee Harris

Email: GHarris@cityofthomaston.com  


Emergency: 911
Non-Emergency: (706) 647-7543
Fax: (706) 646-2041


Human Resources Department
Director - Rebecca Zebe

The Human Resources Department is dedicated to serving the employees of the City of Thomaston.  The Director works closely with City Leadership and staff to provide confidential quality service and vital information.  Duties are carried out with compassion, dignity, and respect for all employees.  This opportunity programs (EEO), benefits, job classifications, salary studies, training and development programs, personnel policy administration and employee records.

The Director of Human Resources strives to serve as a resource of human resources expertise for the City of Thomaston allowing the City Leadership and employees to focus on meeting the needs of the residents and visitors of the City.

                    Phone: (706)-646-4878
                   Fax: (706)-646-2653

                   Email: rzebe@cityofthomaston.com


Main Street
Coordinator - Heather Blackmon

The Main Street Coordinator oversees city community activities and makes recommendations on ways to revitalize the City’s vision for the community; and works to get business and community partners involved in projects.

                   Phone: (706)-647-0048
                   Fax: (706)-646-2653

                   Email: hblackmon@cityofthomaston.com


Parks and Public Spaces
Supervisor - Randy Teal
The City of Thomaston Parks and Public Spaces department oversees the city parks and all public spaces. Department workers sweep streets, clean catch basins, trim curbs, cut grass, and maintain the city’s 2,000 tree urban forest.

                   Office: (706) 647-3145

                   Cell: (706)-741-1021 

                   Email: rteal@cityofthomaston.com


Planning and Zoning
City Manager's Office - Gail Hammock

The city manager's office handles the planning and zoning functions for the city. Citizens should contact Gail Hammock at:

Phone: 706-647-4242
Email: ghammock@cityofthomaston.com


Police Department
Chief - Mike Richardson

The Thomaston Police department is responsible for keeping the laws, ordinances, and regulations of the State of Georgia and Thomaston. They protect the lives and property of the citizens, as well as prevent, detect, and investigate criminal activity, recover stolen property, apprehend offenders, and control traffic. The department is made up of thirty (30) full time sworn police officers and is divided into three (3) divisions, Office of Professional Standards (OPS), Uniform Patrol Division (UPD), and Criminal Investigations Division (CID).  The department also participates with a joint Multijurisdictional Drug Task Force and operates a K-9 unit.    

To pay fines and utility bill online, please go to www.thomastonpayments.com.


Parade Permit Application

Public Assembly Permit Application


Emergency: 911
Non Emergency: (706) 647- 5455
After Hours (Non-Emergency): (706) 646- 7912
Fax: (706) 648-6557
Email: mrichardson@cityofthomaston.com


Street Department
Supervisor - Horace Montfort

The Street Department repairs and replaces sidewalks, unstops and replaces storm drains, patches potholes, picks up dead animals from the city right of way, replaces all city street signs, cuts the grass on all city streets and maintains the city's closed landfill . All roadways in the city other than state highways are the responsibility of the department.

Phone: (706) 647-3145
Fax: (706) 646-4198
Email: hmontfort@cityofthomaston.com


Water/Wastewater Management
Regional Manager - Paul Tickerhoof
Project Manager - Brian Kelly

The City of Thomaston's Water and Wastewater Departments are operated and maintained by ESG Operations, Inc..  ESG Operations are divided into four sections: water treatment, wastewater treatment, water distribution and wastewater collections.

ESG Operations oversees operations of one water treatment plant, two wastewater treatment plants, three raw water pump stations, two reservoir pump stations, five elevated water tanks, one ground water tank, and 4,817 metered service connections. ESG Operations performs all of the routine operations, analysis, and preventative and corrective reports from our central utility office located at 340 North Center Street.  Normal operating hours are 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. 24-Hour Emergency Service is also provided.  For access to the City of Thomaston's Water Quality Report, please refer to our electronic brochure .  (NOTE: The preceding link is a pdf file for a brochure and will need to be rotated to read all information.)   

Phone: (706) 646-8031
Fax: (706) 646-8033
Email: bkelly@esginc.net  


Thomaston-Upson County Airport
Airport Manager - Mitch Ellerbee

The Thomaston-Upson County Airport currently has a 3000 square foot terminal building with a conference room, pilot lounge, and flight planning. There is one 400'x400' ramp for transient flights at the terminal building.  There is a 400'x500' ramp adjacent to 8 corporate hangars with 4 additional corporate hangar spaces available.  The airport has 96 T-Hanger spaces with 3 access points to the main taxiway. There are 40 acres of undeveloped space with access to the main taxiway. There is 12,000 gallons of storage each for Avgas and JetA with designated fuel trucks for each. The 100' wide runways and 35' taxiways are all stressed for 55,000# dual wheel gear with precision approach ILS on Rwy 30 and WAAS GPS approach for Rwy 12.

Phone: (706) 647-4500
Fax: (706) 646-3066
Email: mitch@thomastonairport.com  

Website: http://www.thomastonairport.com/ThomastonAirport/index.htm


Thomaston-Upson Archives
Director - Jamesan Stuckey

The Thomaston-Upson Archives stores, collects, protects, and makes available for research the local government records of Upson County, Thomaston, and the Thomaston-Upson School System; and manuscript, micro forms, audio visual, and printed materials relating to the history of Upson County, Thomaston, and Western Middle Georgia. It is this institutions mission to preserve, manage, and maximize access to recorded local history for our county, our city, and its people.

Phone: (706) 646-2437
Fax: (706) 646-3524
Website: http://www.upsoncountyga.org/tuarch/
Email: jstuckey@upsoncountyga.org  


Thomaston-Upson Recreation Department
Director - Mindy Daniel

The Thomaston-Upson Recreation Department offers many programs for the community, including parks, recreational facilities, athletic programs, and instructional programs. The Department is jointly funded by the City of Thomaston and Upson County.

For more information on the programs and services offered please visit their website at: http://www.upsoncountyga.org/departments/recreation.htm/

Phone: (706) 647-9691
Fax: (706) 647-2771
Sports Hotline: (706) 647-4002